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黑糖珍奶蛋塔 Boba Tea Egg Tart

最近台灣「KFC肯德基」推出了最夯的限定「黑糖珍奶蛋塔」,住在美國的我看得口水直流,但是美國的KFC只賣炸雞&漢堡,壓根沒有「蛋塔」這種商品呀!所以,吃貨如我,手刀自己DIY啦!將將將將~~~!!! 鄉親父老們!來看看!是不是「神複製」KFC的「黑糖珍奶蛋塔」嘿嘿嘿~ (撥頭髮)

Recently Taiwan's "KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken" launched the most popular limited "Brown Sugar Milk Custard Tart". I live in the United States and I can see my mouth watering, but the KFC in the United States only sells fried chicken and burgers. There is no such product as "egg tart". Yeah! So, to eat food like me, do your own hand knife! Will be ~~~!!! Folks and fathers! Come and see! Is it "God Copy" KFC's "Brown Sugar Zhen Toffee Tower" Hehehe~ (hair pulling)



酥皮 2大片

蛋 2顆

糖 20g

牛奶 100ml

鮮奶油 100ml


牛奶 200ml

紅茶包 1包

蛋黃 2顆

糖 2 Tbsp

玉米粉 2 Tbsp






{Egg Tart}

Puff Pastry 2 Sheets

Egg 2

Sugar 20g

Milk 100ml

Heavy Cream 100ml

{Milk Tea Custard Cream}

Milk 200ml

Black Tea bag 1 bag

Egg Yolk 2

Sugar 2 Tbsp

Corn Starch 2 Tbsp




Wafer Roll

作法 Instructions

1. 將酥皮捲起來成為直徑5公分 (2 inch) 的圓柱體,並切成12分。

1. Roll the Puff Pastry into a 2 inch diameter cylinder and cut into 12 pieces.

2. 酥皮壓扁後,放入烤模中,捏成杯子形狀。

2. After flattening the Puff Pastry Roll, place it in a baking tin and shape into a cup.

3. 蛋、糖、牛奶、鮮奶油加入攪拌盆中,攪拌均勻後過篩成為蛋塔液。

3. Eggs, sugar, milk, and fresh cream are all added to the mixing bowl. After mixing, sieve them into an egg tart liquid.

4. 酥皮杯中加入黑糖蜜、珍珠粉圓、蛋塔液。

4. Add molasses, boba and egg tart liquid to the Puff Pastry cup.

5. 將蛋塔放入烤箱355°F/180°C 烘烤 25分鐘 (氣炸鍋355°F/180°C 氣炸12分鐘)。

5. Place egg tarts in the oven at 355°F/180°C and bake for 25 minutes (can also use Air-fryer to air-fry at 355°F/180°C for 12 minutes).

6. 等待烤(氣炸)的過程,可以製作卡士達醬。將牛奶、茶包一起加熱後茶包浸泡3分鐘。

6. During the baking time, you can make custard sauce. Cook the milk and tea bag together and soak the tea bags for 3 minutes.

7. 蛋黃、砂糖攪拌均勻,加入泡好的奶茶,並撒入玉米粉。

7. Stir the egg yolk and sugar evenly, add the milk tea, and sprinkle with corn flour.

8. 將卡士達醬放回爐上小火煮到黏稠就可以關火。並將卡士達醬蓋上保鮮膜放入冷藏。

8. Put the custard sauce back on the stove and cook on low heat until it is thick and you can turn off the heat. Cover the custard sauce with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

9. 將烤好的蛋塔取出,在蛋塔上方裝飾黑糖蜜、奶茶卡士達醬、珍珠粉圓、捲心餅,就完成了!

9. Take out the baked egg tower, decorate the top of the egg tarts with molasses, milk tea custard sauce, boba, and Wafer Roll.

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